Bells of Ireland Flowers

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Bells of Ireland Flowers

The Bells of Ireland Flowers are also known as Molucella - a summer flowering annual cultivated for its spikes of flowers. While predominantly green, the Bells of Ireland Flowers have tiny white flowers that are surrounded by apple green sepals and pale green leaves. Given the height of the flowers and the rich green color, these beauties are perfect to use in large floral arrangements! Adding to their regal stature and simplistic beauty, the stunning Bells of Ireland Flowers have a pleasant fragrance to behold. produces these regal beauties year round in our greenhouses and ship directly to your doorstep.

  • When planning your next black-tie affair, oversized urn arrangements will simply take their breath away as your guests enter the formal setting and gaze upon the elegant and stunning mix floral displays coupled with Bells of Ireland Flowers.'s variety of flowers and roses will intermingle with the tall and elegant beauty of the Bells of Ireland Flowers! Or grace your business with tall vases filled with the long and fascinating Snapdragons and Bells of Ireland Flowers creating an exotic yet professional presentation for clients and employees alike. Or add the Bells of Ireland Flowers to an array of vibrant mixed flowers and roses to create spring-time baskets to celebrate Mother's Day in style and fashion. Mom and Grandma will both be overwhelmed with the beauty! has been delivering beautifully fresh cut flowers and roses to customers for over 30 years! Regardless of the occasion or event, fresh cut flowers bring a mixture of beauty and brilliance for your guests to enjoy! cuts out the middleman and your wallet benefits as a result! Why pay other retailers or wholesalers more? guarantees that you will receive the freshest and most beautiful flowers and roses, cut within 3-4 days of your order, at a much lower cost per stem than you'd pay retail. Take advantage of the amazing pricing on our wholesale flowers - you'll certainly be a return customer for years to come!

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