Calla Lilies Flower White

Calla Lilies Flower White

Color tones for all White Calla Lilies Flowers may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature.

Calla Lilies Flower White have stunningly elegant trumpet silhouettes that have long been sought after for bridal bouquets, or simple, yet charming, flower arrangements.

Stem Length
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22" - 24"  
18 Flowers
22" - 24"  
36 Flowers
22" - 24"  
72 Flowers

    Symbolizing "magnificent beauty, Calla Lilies Flower White White are easy to arrange and guaranteed to make an impression. Calla Lilies Flower White have a large trumpet-shaped bloom that rests upon a smooth stem. The place to look for such superb lilies is at

    • One of the most popular flowers in a wedding bouquet is the Calla Lilies Flower White. No other flower represents purity more than the lily and its beauty will enhance your child's first communion celebration. Spring is the season when Christians observe their holiest holiday and Calla Lilies Flower White will augment any Easter floral arrangement.

      At, we cut your flowers 3-4 days before you receive them, which is more than a week before other wholesale retailers. We inspect each bloom of the Calla Lilies Flower White for excellence and bring you the no worry promise that you'll be pleased and delighted with your floral purchases. wants you to become one of our returning customers for years to come.

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