The small bouquet of flowers worn by mothers and grandmothers for decades, the corsage, is a tradition that is proud to continue. Our Corsages of fresh cut flowers in either roses or mixed flowers will enchant the recipient, regardless of the occasion! These beautiful flowers will surely be the perfect fit and at, our affordable, wholesale flowers are freshly cut and delivered to the location of your choice! Your floral shopping experience will be a pleasure from start to finish!

  • Delight the mothers and grandmothers at your upcoming wedding with exquisite Corsages in an amazing array of colors and flowers. Continue your floral theme of radiant roses from your bridal bouquet to the Corsages worn by the mothers of the bride and groom as well as grandma or other special guests! Pink, white, red and orange are just a sampling of the colors available. Or for your son's date on homecoming or prom, chic and stylish Corsages of calla lilies in a variety of colors reveal a trendy yet fashionable gift to his girlfriend! And certainly not to be forgotten this Mother's Day, adorn mom and grandma with exquisite and striking Corsages of yellow and white roses. Your simple, yet graceful gift will be all the talk at church on Sunday morning as their lady friends admire the floral gifts! has been delivering beautifully fresh cut roses and flowers to customers for over 30 years! At, we are proud to provide our customers with year-round availability and offer over 90 varieties of roses to select from as well as a showcase of mixed flowers! cuts out the middleman and you benefit as a result. Why pay other retailers or wholesalers more? guarantees that you will receive the freshest and most beautiful roses and mixed flowers, at a much lower cost per stem than you'd pay elsewhere. We take pride in our flowers and you will too!

Choose from our selection of stem lengths and boxes that will compliment your special occasion.
Stem Length Box Contents   Retail Price Our Price  
3" - 6" 16 Corsages $183.00 $122.00 16 Prom Corsages
3" - 6" 30 Corsages $631.80 $243.00 30 Wedding Corsages
3" - 6" 60 Corsages $1,266.20 $487.00 60 Rose Corsage


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