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Green Orchids for Flower Arrangements Orchid Flower Delivery
70 Stems of Green Dendrobium Orchids 420 Blooms
Exceptionally Elegance!

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
The best part about this purchase is that you'll be receiving fresh and stunning jade green Dendrobium Orchids inclusive of free delivery too.
SKU: GLO002073

70 Stems of Buranajade Dendrobium Orchids 7 bouquets of 10 stems each Color: Green Hand Picked The stems are 16" - 18" long Vase Life: 6 - 13 Days Stage on arrival: Fresh Open Blooms 
Time to Bloom: Ready - use on arrival Diameter when bloomed: 1.6" - 1.8" 420 Blooms: 6 - 8 orchids(s) per stem Number of Petals per Flower: 5
Product Code: dendrobium-buranajade-60
Box contains 70 stems of green Dendrobium orchids, giving you a total of close to 420 blooms. Whenever you're looking for green orchids for flower arrangements, consider this orchid flower with stunning jade colored petals. With long shoots bearing multiple little orchids, this stunner will add so much more interest to tropical arrangements, springtime centerpieces, hand bouquets and more. Thanks to it's striking green colors, this floral variety is a favorite amongst florist to add a touch of freshness to bouquets without using green ferns or other leafy varieties. Get creative with green orchids for flower arrangements and more with this orchid flower that will not fail to impress.


Dear Global Rose,
I am finally getting a moment to write you about the orders of flowers I received last week.
Global Rose, you are amazing; and you allowed me to shine. A flower arrangement is only as good as the flowers in it, and people who saw the arrangements I did last week thought I did beautiful work. When people asked where I got my flowers, I made sure to tell them that the flowers came from Global Rose. I was in love with your flowers the moment they came, and continue to be now that the wedding I arranged them for is over. They lasted and looked incredible, even in 100 degree heat! I intend to send pictures of your flowers once I am able to ask for some. I was so busy arranging that I was not able to take my own pictures, but when I get some pictures, I will be showing them to you. Wow, you really have great flowers and service. I couldn't be more satisfied than I am right now.
To top it off, you all were so nice to me when I called or emailed. I was scared and nervous, but you were kind and helpful. You never made me feel silly or ridiculous, even when I know I was. Bless you all, you have beautiful hearts.
Thank you Global Rose for all that you did for me last week! You went above and beyond what I ever could imagine. The flowers you sent were glorious, and though I don't do a lot of flower arranging, a couple of people said I should do a lot more. You can know if I do, I will be using Global Rose.
Thank you for everything! I will be in touch.

Written on June 17, 2016