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Bouquet White and Purple Flowers For Sale
1 White and Purple Grandiose Bouquet
26 Grandiose Flowers!

Each box contains 1 White and Purple Grandiose Bouquet of 26 Flowers, no vase included. This arrangement contains; 12 stems White Roses, 10 stems of Purple Alstroemerias and 4 stems of Eucalyptus or Ruscus.
1 White and Purple Grandiose Bouquet 1 Arrangement 26 Total Stems Color: White, Purple Assembled & Picked by Hand The stems are 18" - 20" long Vase Life: 5 - 11 Days Stage on arrival: Fresh Semi Bloomed 
Time to Bloom: 24 - 48 Hours Vase Not Included
Product Code: grandiose-bqt-white-purple

Shh... we have a secret to share. Have you thought about lowering stress levels in the office or even at home by treating yourself to a grandiose bouquet of white and purple flowers? Keeping fresh blooms and greenery at home is not just a recent fad in self-care practice for millions worldwide.

The generation before us love giving and receiving bouquets and today, more and more people are starting to believe in the wonderful healing properties of fresh cut flowers. Our personalized White and Purple Grandiose Bouquet is the best way to tell yourself "I Love You" or to say "You're The Best" to an office friend who has been there with you through late nights and early mornings.

The sexy prince of funk, Prince's Purple Rain won the Academy Award back in the 80's but have you ever wondered what's the meaning behind purple rain? It is said that purple is the color of fantasy and fiery magic, a cross between the passionate tones of red and the serenity of blue. Purple wedding bouquets are becoming increasingly popular because just like Purple Rain, they signify choosing to be with your one true love and leaving it all to faith and love to guide you through difficult times even to the end of the world.

What a deeply moving way to express love on a wedding day as the couple meet at the end of the aisle. The White and Purple Grandiose Bouquet intends to capture that intensity with a dazzling bunch of creamy white roses, ten stalks of dark purple alstroemerias as well as four stems of fresh eucalyptus or ruscus. The contrast of deep purple against the silvery whites will add so much depth to your wedding decorations. Alstroemerias are a type of lily with smaller blooms as compared to other large lily varieties but their multiple velvet petals will nonetheless ensure a luxurious display. Purple is also known to be the color of royalty, thus adding a touch of luxury to your event space. Picture classic English royalties with their dark purple capes sitting in rooms decorated with long velvety drapes. On the other hand, there is also something very bohemian and spiritual yet mysterious about the color purple especially in darker tones. In the world of chakra healing, purple or violet tones is said to expand one's inner awareness towards enlightenment and help them achieve spiritual fulfillment along the way.

This purple bouquet can also make a wonderful gift for boyfriends or husbands. Yes, not many people will think of gifting flowers to men but why shouldn't they be given the chance to appreciate the beauty of flowers? You're a lucky girl if the men in your life are in touch with their feminine side because our White and Purple Grandiose Bouquet would make the perfect surprise gift. The mood-lifting capabilities of florals are not gender specific so why should we be partial? Let's ensure that their benefits can be enjoyed by everyone! If your man is addicted to NBA basketball games, he will surely appreciate anything purple to signify the love for his favourite LA Lakers team.

Surprise your fanboy with a purple bouquet with some hidden season tickets and he'll be rolling on the carpet because not only did you open the doors to his heart but you just danced your way in! Finger snaps. Globalrose.com has been the trusted provider of fresh cut blooms for events, retailers, weddings, and florists across the United States for more than three decades. Our farms and greenhouses are located in the lush green valleys of Colombia, offering some of the best natural surroundings for flowers to grow. Not only are they sewn by hand and cared for individually, every petal of your purple and white bouquet will be inspected carefully as part of our high quality control process. Ordering fresh flowers has never been easier and more affordable than this. You can thank us for the unbelievable prices and we thank you for your trust!

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are delivered 1 day later than the scheduled date.