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Pink Peonies
Mon Jules Pink Peony
From 30 - 100 Peonies
Stunning Pink Peonies that look like bursting bombs of soft pinky paradise. Add a touch of elegance to any gift or occassion with these eye-catching flowers.
30 - 100 Stems of Peony Flowers
3 - 10 bouquets of 10 stems each
Hand Picked
The stems are 24" - 26" long
Vase Life: Stage on arrival:
Fresh Closed Blooms
Time to Bloom:
12 - 24 Hours
Diameter when bloomed:
3.2" - 3.8"
Number of Petals per Flower: 33 - 39
Product Code: mon-jules-pink-peonies-qty

Pink Peonies is a vigorous floret that has been around in floral appreciation for quite some time. Is it any wonder? Coming in hues from light soft pinks to medium tones, this full-headed blossom has a bursting bloom that speaks to our inner desire for prosperity and greatness. In looks, it is excels to the point of being exceptional and has a fragrance of moderate strength.

This floret is like an engaging fantasy, It is the blossom of princesses and knights, fairy-tales, chivalry, and honor. Access all your dreams with a brief look at these gorgeous orbs of mental transportation. An unexplainable happiness ensues around Pink Peonies. She has that kind of power.

Pink Peonies pairs beautifully with other peonies of varying pinks, creams, and whites for a decadent arrangement that is simply magical and twinkles like stars from globe to globe of clustered petals. Their blossoms are majestic as a lion's mane with layers and layers of petals that flourish and support each other to make one massively impressive being.

Soft and plum, consider these full-bodied blooms for an extraordinary wedding arrangement or fanciful birthday party. Express your good-feelings at a baby shower or elevate someone's spirit and give yourself the great pleasure of witnessing the receiver's joy.

We have extremely high standards of beauty that must be met by all flowers that we deem worthy of sending to you. Raised and picked by expert florists, we know you'll only be exceptionally pleased with your floral purchase.

Pink Peonies. Trust us when we say that Pink Peonies will catch your eye! GlobalRose specializes in providing Pink Peonies in large quantities with free delivery!"
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30 Stems
24" - 26"
40 Stems
24" - 26"
50 Stems
24" - 26"
60 Stems
24" - 26"
70 Stems
24" - 26"
100 Stems
24" - 26"


By cagVerified Buyer
I ordered these flowers and they came when I was out of town. My husband didn't read 'flowers' on box so they sat for 5 days in box. I found them and immediately put in water. I thought I was doomed, but low and behold these flowers because of the way they bloom, were OK. They got the water and went back to their normal pace of opening. I had the pleasure of seeing this flower bloom on our Italian cruise several years ago. The bud was about 5 times the size, but daily this flower opened it's petals. You will see what I mean when you buy. This is such a beautiful blooming flower. After 19 days on my cruise this 'bud' had opened completely to this incredible bloom of white flowers. Exactly as this smaller 'bud' will open. It's beautiful and well worth the wait for the full bloom. You cannot go wrong with such a beautiful gift for your loved one!
By amazon customerVerified Buyer
We used these as a Valentines Day fundraiser. I was a little nervous ordering them online, but they were perfect. Maybe 2 broken stems when they got to us (we ordered 400). We ordered them on a Wednesday got them on Tuesday and handed them out to the kids on Friday. The flowers were beautiful the whole time. The extras were still looking good after a weekend in my classroom. Will be ordering again.
By Miko Kishimizu Verified Buyer
' I am Miko from preservesbeauty.com. I bought beautiful peonis from your company and preserved them, made the Bouquet. Peony bouquet will stay for years with your beautiful memory./ Preserved flower arrangement. These are stay beautiful as fresh flower and last years. Preserved flowers are 100% real ,natural.'