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Sunflowers Delivered
120 Stems of Sunflowers Green Center Petite
Exquisitely Amazing!

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
The most beautiful selections of Sunshine green center petite sunflowers await your order! We guarantee fresh and pristine choices year round that will provide smiles at every turn.
SKU: GLO005158

120 Stems of Petite Sunflowers 24 bouquets of 5 stems each Color: Yellow with Green Center Hand Picked The stems are 21" - 25" long Vase Life: 7 - 9 Days Stage on arrival: Fresh Open Cut 
Time to Bloom: 11- 24 Hours Diameter when bloomed: 1.8" - 2.3" 1 sunflower(s) per stem Number of Petals per Flower: 15 - 25
Product Code: sunflowers-green-center-peti

Captivate the meaning of sunflowers with a great display. Our bulk sunflowers selection of 120 sunbright Brown Center sunflowers will do the trick. Yellow with brown center selections at their peak will provide you with days of sheer pleasure and enjoyment. Sunflowers signify you will have a good year. With our sunbright brown center petite choices, you will have that and more. Our wholesale discounted prices will have your event in top shape with affordability.

Grown in special technologically enhanced greenhouses, you can enjoy the beauty of sunbright brown center petite sunflowers any time of the year. With the click of a button, our wholesale discounted prices will entice and surprise you. The freshest you can find, our flowers will arrive with pristine petals and beautiful, fragrant blossoms. We guarantee our beautiful yellow with brown center sunflowers will outperform your expectations. Order your selections today.



Lee Ann Berardi Smith
November 2015
I created centerpieces for my son's wedding this past Saturday and rehearsal dinner Friday using 200 roses in various orange shades, 60 mango calla lilies, 60 yellow calla lilies, and 60 yellow mini sunflowers. I cannot tell you how many compliments the flowers received and how many times I gave out your website name. My neighbor helped me cut stems as I arranged them and she couldn't get over the beauty and quality of each flower. Thank you for making my vision for this a reality.

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By juliegVerified Buyer
Bought these sunflowers for my daughters baby shower in the early fall. They arrived quickly & were well packaged, protectingveach bloom. The picture I posted is to show how long these blooms lasted. The photo on the left was taken the day after the flowers arrived & were set up for the shower. The picture on the right were the flowers 1 week later! The beautiful blooms brightened up the whole room! Highly recommend them!
By cagVerified Buyer
I ordered these flowers and they came when I was out of town. My husband didn't read 'flowers' on box so they sat for 5 days in box. I found them and immediately put in water. I thought I was doomed, but low and behold these flowers because of the way they bloom, were OK. They got the water and went back to their normal pace of opening. I had the pleasure of seeing this flower bloom on our Italian cruise several years ago. The bud was about 5 times the size, but daily this flower opened it's petals. You will see what I mean when you buy. This is such a beautiful blooming flower. After 19 days on my cruise this 'bud' had opened completely to this incredible bloom of white flowers. Exactly as this smaller 'bud' will open. It's beautiful and well worth the wait for the full bloom. You cannot go wrong with such a beautiful gift for your loved one!