Delightful Summer Flower Specials are not to be missed! Bring in the warm rays of the sun (minus bugs and uncomfortable situation) with fresh cut flowers that will blow everyone away. All it takes is checking out any of our summery options and you can bring the reminiscent sound of glasses clinking, bubbling drinks, laughter, and shining stars in the dark of night with these beautiful blooms.

  • Enjoy your time to the fullest and have the festivities of a lifetime. Whether you are looking for flowers for weddings, celebrations, or just because, we have all that you could want. Summer birthdays can be had with true splendor by taking advantage of any of our flower specials, we offer freshness at prices that will have you flabbergasted and, most importantly, very happy.

    We take pride in delivering top quality flowers so that not only are the prices something to smile about, but the results as well. You do not have to cheat yourself out of anything for a special day or occasion, it is, in this case, possible to have it all. Bright yellows and oranges, vibrant pinks, lusty greens...these colors will excite all and have such a quality of exuberance, they are irresistible.

    Full disclosure of where your flowers have been and how they have been taken care of is eye-opening with us at Global Rose, as your flowers have been taken care by expert florists in leading technology greenhouses where they were inspected for excellence before making their way to you. Does it get any better with Summer Flower Specials?

Summer Flower Specials

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