Some say that Sweetest Day is the Fall (Sweetest Day 2012 is on October 20) bother/sister of Valentine's Day, a smaller version of the day that symbolizes the expression of love, friendship and appreciation of our loved ones. It is celebrated throughout the United States, but is especially big in states like Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and other mid-west states.

  • Unlike Valentine's Day that is celebrated every year on the same date February 14, Sweetest Day falls on the 3rd Saturday in October every year. So the actual date changes every year.

Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is another opportunity in which we celebrate passion, love, and companionship, showing our thankfulness for friends and family with arrangements of flowers and roses. From the pure red roses to the a cream and pink roses we at globalrose have all your needs for Sweetest day.

Some say that the first Sweetest Day was the brainstorm of philanthropist/candy company employee Herbert Birch Kingston, others think that is was planned by a team of confectioners who nicknamed themselves "The Sweetest Day of the Year Committee."

It is said that the first Sweetest Day celebration happen in Cleveland, Ohio around 1920s. It started as a date not to give gifts to loved ones and family, but to provide to the less fortunate; its orphans, shut-ins, and charitable institutions.

Sweetest Day is all about showing your love and being sweet to someone.

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